Josh Koester


Joshua has been with Palm Beach Sword School since its first open day. His passion for martial arts and a love of military history lead him to front door of Palm Beach Sword School, becoming a student of Ben Kerr’s inaugural class. Having started karate at a young age, his interest in the martial arts and physical fitness grew. He later went on to study Boxing, Jiu jitsu, and Krav Maga amongst others. Joining palm beach sword school in Oct 2018 opened the world of H.E.M.A to him combing his two of his prime interests, history and martial art. Now an assistant instructor he strives to pass on the knowledge he has gathered, pushing students to realize their potential to reach new heights of fitness and skill. His favorite elements are broadsword, dagger, and grappling.


The Palm Beach Sword School provides Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) training in South Florida.

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