broadsword and targe

Highland Broadsword & Targe

The Highland Broadsword & Targe is the follow up system for students of the Palm Beach Sword School, after Regimental Broadsword. Students make use of a training targe (medium round shield) and singlestick as they learn the system of the Scottish Highland Warriors.

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The Highland method of fighting with the Broadsword and Targe was greatly respected by all who had the misfortune of facing them on the battlefield. The enclosed hilt of the broadsword paired with the agile targe made landing a blow on a highland warrior exceedingly difficult. Even against an adversary with a firearm the tactics of the Highlanders allowed them to close the distance and gain monumental victories that cemented their legendary status.

Due to Highland culture being primarily an oral culture, little primary source material exists to tell us exactly how the broadsword and targe was used. Instead of relying on heavy source material this class focuses on key principles and an indepth study of what evidence does exist to provide a system based on the information that does exist.


The Palm Beach Sword School provides Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) training in South Florida.

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