The Palm Beach Sword School is proud to provide Bagpipe Lessons in the heart of Palm Beach County. The weekly lessons are designed to bring a student with no musical experience through to being a performance bagpiper over the course of a year. Just imagine the thrill of playing in front of hundreds at a concert or never again having to pay for your own drinks at Irish bars!!!

The classes are taught by Piper Ben Kerr who was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. Ben has been playing professionally since he was 15 and has played for the last three presidents, members of the royal family, was a British Army bagpiper, is an active Honor Guard piper for PBSO and is a founding member of Blackthorne Pipeband.

Bagpipe Lessons are FREE for students currently enrolled in Sword Classes but for those students who just want to learn the bagpipes a special reduced monthly fee is available.

Bagpipe classes are every Wednesday from 6:30-7:15 for beginners. Classes are taught at our private location at Summit Blvd and Congress Ave.

We start new students every 6 months with our next intake on June 7!


The Palm Beach Sword School provides Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) training in South Florida.

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