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Due to how our curriculum works we are able to accept new students only prior to the start of a teaching block which is typically 8 weeks for sword classes and 6 months for bagpipe classes.

We are now taking registrations for a new beginner's sword class starting on June 8 and a new beginner's bagpipe class starting on June 5!

Registration Fee

When you join the Palm Beach Sword School you will need to pay an initial Registration Fee. This fee is important for insurance and covers membership to the Palm Beach Sword School.

Upon registering sword students receive a FREE fencing mask and their training shirt. Bagpipe students receive their practise instrument, a chanter.

The registration fee also includes the first year membership fee of $25.

The current Registration fee is $150.00 for either sword class or bagpipe class. Those who wish to take both classes can pay a reduced Combined Registration fee of $225.

Sword Class Costs

New students pay $250 for 8 weeks of beginner training which covers basic combat training and Scottish Broadsword. During their beginner training students receive a FREE nylon training sword.

Bagpipe Class Costs

Students who are already enrolled in Sword classes are able to take bagpiping lessons for FREE after paying a $75 instrument fee which covers the cost of the practise instrument.

Students looking to ONLY take bagpiping lessons can pay the reduced monthly fee of $80 every 4 weeks. This gives them access to the bagpiping lessons and the reduced rate crafting lessons but not access to Sword lessons.

All bagpiping students will receive reduced pricing on their full set of bagpipes when the time comes for them to transition.

We work with a bagpipe maker in Edinburgh who specializes in synthetic bagpipes that look and sound excellent and are perfect for first pipes.

Students should expect the transition to happen at around 6 months of lessons although we stress that it is a personal journey and some students transition from the practise instrument to full pipes much earlier while others stay on the practise instrument much longer.

Complete Payment Below to Register!

To register for class and pay your registration fee please complete the form below. Once registered our business manager will contact you to confirm your place in class and to set you up on a payment plan for your classes.


The Palm Beach Sword School provides Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) training in South Florida.

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