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At this time we are currently running a different system of classes due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. This has affected our curriculum, schedule, and location. Please see below for more information.

Classes are on Saturday from 3-5pm.

We are now taking registrations for a new beginner's block starting on January 9!

During normal times new students undergo a 16 week basic training program, unfortunately until classes are able to resume as normal this program is on hold. Instead new students will be undertaking a modified program that will be tracked to ensure that each individual completes their basic training in a slightly less formal system. Basic training includes broadsword, broadsword & targe, dagger, and quarterstaff. Until there is a vaccine dagger training has been put on hold and will be completed once regular training can resume, this will not limit a student from any of the planned training that will be available at this time.

Classes are open to all levels of students, and an alternative tracking system will be in place for any new students that start that will allow us to ensure they still manage to complete the basic training.

Registration Fee

When you join the Palm Beach Sword School you will need to pay an initial Registration Fee. This fee is important for insurance and covers membership to the Palm Beach Sword School and the Academy of Historical Arts.

Upon registering students receive a FREE fencing mask and their training uniform.

The registration fee also includes the first year membership fee of $25.

The current Registration fee is $100.00

Class Costs

During COVID the Palm Beach Sword School classes will cost $25 per session. You will be charged via our member portal kicksite automatically when you arrive at a class and only for a class you attend. This system is in place to make sure you have absolutely no reason to attend class if you do not feel well.

Once vaccinations are distributed in the community we will return to our standard class costs detailed here.

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The Palm Beach Sword School provides Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) training in South Florida.

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